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Perpetuating the Ancient Art of China Painting

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World Organization of China Painters

Porcelain China Painting is an art form dating back many centuries. Painting on porcelain china is done with ground, fritted minerals mixed with various oils to a workable consistancy. After the china paint is applied the piece is fired in a kiln to temperatures exceeding 1000 degrees f'. At these high temperatures the china paint minerals enter the softened glazed surface and as it cools, the colors become permenant. More mineral paints can be applied and fired over the hardened glaze numerous times until the desired effect is achieved.

There are teacher/members of the Oregon Clubs who have regularly scheduled classes in their homes during the year.  If you are interested we can guide you to a club nearest your geographical area and they would be able to answer questions you might have with regard to China Painting Classes, Seminars and Workshops in that area.

2013 ORWOCP Museum Winners:

1st Place Lois Schwartz

Lonnie McDowall

Nancy Boylan